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Event Summary

What is blockchain? How does crypto work? In these exciting Lunch + Learns, taking place at noon on the first Thursday of every month, developers from the world’s leading blockchain and proof of location company deliver a down-to-earth look at these two technologies, and explain why they’re destined to change the future.


600 B Street
San Diego, CA, 92101

Event Details

In XYO’s 3rd Lunch+Learn, we have two renoun educators in the crypto space.

- Matthew Aaron: author of Crypto101: Johnny’s Guide and editor-in-chief of Crypto101 Media.

- Michael Nye: CEO of Titan Industries and host of Envolvement Podcast


They will teach you about blockchain and cryptocurrency from a 101 level and stay to answer any and all questions you have about blockchain and cryptocurrency. 


 Michael Nye


 Matthew Aaron